Richard Bélisle's team.


    Architecte paysagiste senior

    Richard Bélisle, landscape architect, is a member of the Association des Architectes Paysagistes du Québec (AAPQ) and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA). Before embarking on his university studies, he worked for many years as a landscaper on masonry and carpentry projects related to landscape architecture. He is an artist in the soul who loves working with his hands. While carrying out his projects, he completed his studies by obtaining a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture from the Université de Montréal and founded his office in 1989 in the Montreal area. Well known in the landscape business community, he always creates a truly collaborative approach with the landscaper who works with him. His field experience allows him to quickly understand all the technical issues related to the project. Always keen to improve and refine his experience, he has attended study training sessions in France (Paris, Givenchy and Loire), Switzerland and especially in Italy (Florence, Venice, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast and Italian Alps).

    His numerous trips are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. He visited several '' Resort and Spa '' in Thailand and Vietnam to discover the latest trends in contemporary design. He observed the trend in new urban parks design in Santiago, Chile, the revitalization of new seaside neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also had the chance to walk through the streets of "new" Barcelona with a local architect, to understand the new directions in urban design.

    He invites you to consult the Travel Inspiration section on is web site to discover his sources of inspiration throughout the world.

    Attention to detail, sobriety and elegance are the main lines constantly sought in the design of his gardens.


    Coordonnatrice de projet

    Sylvie Hubert, our project coordinator, had a unique career path.

    After studying clothing art design at Collège Marie-Victorin in Montreal, she then set off for Europe to continue her apprenticeship at the renowned ESMOD International School in Paris.

    She worked for several firms in fashion design and for 14 years she specialized in training new design software for the European company Lectra System.

    Very gifted in learning design software, she has integrated perfectly into the company and has implemented all the necessary software to facilitate our work in Landscape Architecture.

    A very orderly and positive person, she carefully oversees the management of all aspects of our landscape design projects. She has a great capacity for adaptation, good leadership and an ability to communicate.

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